Method & Activities

Th FB method

FB & Associati supports Clients in dealings with public decision-makers in order to improve, qualitatively and quantitatively, the ability to influence the decision-making process.

From the right beginning FB & Associati has always used and proposed a precise working method: an agenda to be worked through with the Clients themselves, in order to create and strengthen a network of relations with Public decision-makers and those they Influence, thus enabling pre-established objectives to be reached.

The players involved in the decision-making process.

Parting from the stereotype, still very fashionable in this country, of the lobbyist who simply offers the market his diary/address book, FB boasts of a given professionalism based on and developed around precise abilities.

This does not happen overnight. It obviously entails a lot of intense work, done with the Client, with whom a Public and Government affairs plan is drawn up. This is started off and put into practice using well thought-out accreditation activities: rationalizing the existing contacts network by singling out strong areas, where an effort is made to further improve this, and also identifying weaker points, which will be strengthened.