Public and Government affairs and Lobbying

Public and Government affairs

That is all activities initiated by any interest group, to create and strengthen relations with figures involved in the public decision-making process, or with people having the power to influence these decision-makers.

This is a process by which you decide to develop, knowingly, a direct relationship with the public decision-maker.

Such a process will have to be outlined within a Public and Government affairs plan, which will lay the foundations to define and give purpose to the communication activities.

For Public and Government affairs to be effective they need to be:

  • Integrated and coordinated within the organization’s communication strategy, so as to guarantee the “consistency” of messages;
  • Helpful in attaining the organization’s objectives.


Even if some experts maintain that there is a strong similarity in meaning between Public and Government affairs and lobbying, they (together with many other people to tell the truth) believe that lobbying activities are a part of Public and Government affairs.

In fact, lobbying activities are that broad set of communication activities, initiated legally, transparently and knowingly, in order to influence the public decision-making process. This is made possible through direct interaction with legislators, or indirectly through those under their influence, with an established and specific purpose.

If we wanted to break this down, we could describe the two activities as follows:
Map of activities

The consultants’ role

Activities concerning Public and Government affairs cannot be completely outsourced, precisely because of their strategic role within the organization.

The consultant’s role is not to be a substitute in the management of relations, but to contribute to the achievement of goals by adding to the work team a degree of professionalism that can guarantee the Client:

  • Strategic advice;
  • Experience in the sector;
  • Planning and management of all the services required to reach objectives.