FB Lab

FB & Associati has developed over the years FB Lab, a space to deepen the issues under the spotlights, analyse the dynamics which influence the political agenda, the functioning of the complex decision-making process and raise the knowledge of the lobbying activity together with scholars and opinion leaders.

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FB Lab Activities

Centre for Study

FB & Associati’s Centre for Study plays a pivotal role supporting the activities of the company, through analytical dossiers which have the objective of providing clients with a detailed knowledge of the socio-economic sector affected by a given public policy, and of the institutional and political context within which it is formed.

The contribution of these files, which can also be produced on a regular basis, is crucial to improve the service provided to customers: have accurate information and properly related to the political-institutional context constitutes a necessary precondition to aspire to influence public policies implementation and development processes.

Furthermore, the documents produced by the Centre for Study can focus also on the world of institutions, providing pictures on national, international or local politics, taking an overall view, or – on the contrary – going through specific aspects, such as studying the internal events of Parties or Institutions.


In addition to its consulting activities, FB Lab organizes cultural and informative events: the “Aperitivi con lo struzzo”, periodic events to analyze and discuss the hot topics of the day.


FB Lab supports the analysis of training needs and necessity of its Clients and the preparation of personalised training paths and internal communication services.