Advocacy and Lobbying

Providing the decision-maker with the technical information and details required to formulate, wholly autonomously and knowledgably, laws, amendments, motions and political choices. This is lobbying according to FB & Associati.

The advocacy that FB develops focuses on implementing measures and initiatives to defend, sustain or consolidate the interest of a complex organization.


An activity based on organized expression of points of view and a transparent and responsible demonstration of companies’ and citizens’ needs. Not an under-the-table buying and selling of favors and power by mediators and wheeler-dealers,

The preliminary condition is the in-depth knowledge of the decision-making process with all of its dynamics, the understanding of the economic and social context and the legitimate expectations of involved stakeholders.

Only in this way, companies, professional associations, associations and citizen groups can legitimately represent their interests and participate in political decision-making while remaining outside political parties. This is not interference, this is a right.


Aggregations and unheard of separations rotate around an interest; alliances or separations often heedless of social, cultural, ideological, territorial ranking.

We see understandings between employers and workers, between companies and consumers, between teachers and students, between Catholics and lay persons, and so on. That is transversality.

They are temporary and subject-oriented understandings that do not exclude bitter disagreements in other fields of discussion. Their strength derives from the heterogeneity of the components, from their ability to represent the social fabric, to exert critical mass on the subject which, for the present, unites.

One of the instruments is coalition building, the purpose of which is to build and manage networks and alliances, in order to attribute weight and legitimacy to the interests of single individuals, incrementing the potential to communicate and influence. A mixture of subjects which, together, can really make a difference.