The Study Center

Lobbying and advocacy are primarily a matter of content.

This is what the FBLab is for.

It is the contents that can bring the two poles of political representation, rulers and governed, into contact. Rulers must know what happens in society, and voters must know what happens in the Palace.

Thanks to resources specialized in the analysis of political and economic data, and in monitoring, FB&Lab supports customers in understanding the socio-economic scenario and in the evolution of the institutional context, supporting the production of content in support of our customers’ business positions and objectives. 

This component, integrating with the resources dedicated to the customer, guarantees acrosscutting vision of the regulatory activity, the simultaneous supervision of all institutional arenas and a specialized understanding of the issues of interest.

Furthermore, FB Lab contributes to the analysis of the training needs of its Customers and to the preparation of personalized training courses, as well as internal communication services.


  • Periodic reports of institutional monitoring, real-time reports, access to dedicated databases;
  • Fact sheets on the measures of interest, with infographics to present the contents and status of the process;
  • Quantitative analysis of parliamentary activity of the texts of the parliamentary activity and of the behavior and effectiveness of the decision makers, with evaluation of MP’s performance and of the developments of the examined topics;
  • Policy analysis documents, in infographic or mixed format, on the main political-institutional issues;
  • Thematic analysis on individual policy sectors;
  • Biographical profiles, building and visualization of relation networks and mapping of relevant stakeholders on a given public policy;
  • Profile training courses on political, legal and social issues;
  • Newsletters and other periodic in-depth products, with comments on general and non-general topics, enriched by the support of external contributions.