FB Bubbles

We all tend to live inside a bubble, even though most of us are not aware of it at all. Social media, in fact, build a sort of echo chamber, a sound box closed to the outside world, in which each of us tends to hear the same opinions in an amplified way. Public debate and politics are also naturally influenced.

Therefore, the creation of an institutional context favorable to its own sector of reference and the creation of a fertile ground for the lobbying activity, increasingly relies on the conception and development of advocacy campaigns and reputation management plans that – integrating tools and different methods of communication – succeed in reaching the result, through strategic and effective management, capable of actively involving the target public. 

To meet this need, FB&Associati  and the communication agency MR Associati entered into a partnership and FB Bubbles – Think Campaign! was born, a hub of integrated competencies in the fields of advocacy, reputation management, media and social media management, to consolidate the capacity for action and impact of the individual interest group in the arenas and institutional agendas.