Why to choose us

FB&Associati iconic feature is the ability to combine:

  • Multisectoral technical expertise rewarded by a high retention rate
  • Culture of professionalism based on our partnership with the customer, goal achievement, continuous transparency, innovation and updating
  • Integrated vision on a strategic and tactical level complemented by lobbying, advocacy and by campaign management tools
  • Constant monitoring of institutional arenas at local, national and European level to guarantee proximity to customers through our offices in Rome, Milan, Brussels and the Interel network

Working method

  • We priorize content processing before relationships and contacts. It is in fact the technical solidity of the positions represented – able to offer adequate “solutions” and valid alternative policies – which generates real added value. 
  • Overview of the context of attention also thanks to the support of our in-house Study Center, FBLab. FBLab experts specialize in the analysis of political and economic data, legislative and regulatory monitoring, production of content to support our customers’ business positions and objectives.
  • Development of proprietary tools to support our customers’ internal reporting schemes and strategy verification and ongoing updates
  • Project team consisting of senior and specialized professionals, joined, at all stages, by one of the company partners in order to ensure a strategic vision with respect to the political-institutional context of reference.