FB in Brussels

FB & Associati opened its Brussels office in January 2013. Considering that approximately 80% of the national legislation stems from the implementation of European laws, FB & Associati has strongly sought the launch of its Brussels office, to serve as a stable and privileged observatory and presence before the complex European arena.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients may benefit from a qualitative support in the European scenario, guaranteeing control and dialogue with the Institutions which are responsible of a large number of sector policies.

Thanks to team work and continuous coordination, FB & Associati has “exported” its know-how, philosophy, working method and longstanding experience acquired in Italy to Brussels. As a result, our European office can play a key role to connect the scope of the national interests and their requests to the European institutional arena.

Our Brussels office has quickly established itself as an accredited player before the main public and private stakeholders. It has the ability to work in close contact with the European Institutions and to take appropriate actions amidst the several steps which compose the European decision-making process, from the consultation phase to the final approval of documents, standing out for its timely, competent and punctual actions.

Thanks to its characteristics, FB & Associati is able to guarantee encompassing consultancy and operational support in the public affairs sphere in Brussels as well.


Luca Gargano (Head of Office)

+32 (0) 289 99 677
+32 (0) 289 99 678

Square de Meeûs
Square de Meeûs 35 – 1000 Brussels