FB Digital & Media Advocacy

Our experience and daily management of various clients unequivocally demonstrate how an effective communication activity within the broader scope of public affairs necessitates a synergistic action between traditional media (print, online publications, radio, and TV) and digital platforms (social media and streaming platforms).

Through our new unit “Digital & Media Advocacy,” FB & Associati leverages all internal expertise to construct advocacy-oriented storytelling capable of meeting contemporary needs.

With this “omnichannel” approach, every media communication action amplifies its effectiveness when supported by a proper communication strategy across social channels. Conversely, a topic imposed by social media gains strength when it also manages to enter the media agenda.

FB Digital

FB Digital is the division of FB & Associati specialized in conceiving and developing Web Advocacy campaigns, defining Web Listening analyses, and designing personal branding activities.

The evolution of dynamics shaping and evolving public and political discourse has profoundly changed the world of institutional relations, broadening the spectrum of actors and crucial elements in the field, often necessitating interaction with the digital universe.

For this reason, FB Digital develops communication strategies aimed at positioning the topic in public discourse, thereby supporting public affairs activities.

In this scenario, network monitoring activities – Web Listening – emerge as a crucial digital analysis tool that enables listening and mapping of everything shared on social media and online platforms regarding a specific topic, theme, or brand.

FB Media Relation

FB Media Relation is the division dedicated to supporting our clients in two different modes: the first is a smart format with a defined timeframe, broad in content, consisting of internal consultancy for one-off consultations, sporadic monitoring, as well as brainstorming sessions on specific issues. The second mode is seamlessly integrated into an increasing number of activities for clients who have chosen to extend FB & Associates’ scope to media relations.

The starting point involves identifying multiple narrative clusters and constructing one or more storylines to align all activities in which FB & Associates is involved.

In these cases, integrated work between public affairs and media relations can accelerate the achievement of client objectives, streamlining some lobbying actions through synergistic efforts capable of encouraging decision-makers to take a stand on an issue, offering them media visibility, and creating a media network that can serve as a reference for the future